Best Bone China Dinnerware Set

Are you in search of some non-toxic beautiful dinnerware sets? Bone China dinnerware is known for being the best dinnerware for health. That’s why I bring up a list of the best bone china dinnerware sets for home.

If you are a person who loves those things that have authenticity in them and enhances the beauty of your household, then you are reading the right article. With time as everything is becoming modern, so are the dinnerware sets.

So let us show you some beautiful and classy-looking crockery sets that have an eye-catching look and will look amazing on your dining table. It is different from fine china and porcelain on the basis that 30% of the material used in the material is cow bone ash.

The translucency and the warm and white color make the sets made from bone china easily recognizable. There are many advantages if you use utensils made of this material. The product made by this material is of high quality and crafted beautifully.

The product is not only durable but looks luxurious than all the other products. Some products can be easily usable in the dishwasher as well as the microwave but some can’t be.

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Best Bone China Dinnerware Set

Best bone china dinnerware

Here are some of the best bone china dinnerware sets available on Amazon. So, have a look and decide which is best for you.

  1. Lorren Home Trends Bone China Dinnerware Set
  2. Divitis Home Bone China Dinnerware Set
  3. Mikasa Loria Bone China Dinnerware Set
  4. Gibson Elite Bone China Dinnerware Set
  5. Chulan Floral Bone China Dinnerware

1. Lorren Home Trends Bone China Dinnerware Set

Best bone china dinnerware set

This bone china set comes in gold color and is a complete set of 57 pieces including plates. The brand to which it belongs is Lorren Home Trends.

The bone china material used in this product is not only affordable but also elegant and high-end premium looking. As the items are dishwasher safe, it makes them very easy to clean without going through any trouble.

The set of the dinnerware has a 6 piece place setting and can be used for almost 8 people sitting together and dining. The most elegant part of this dinnerware set is that the borders of the pieces are embossed by 24K Gold plating which gives it an embracing look. 


  • Includes a total of 57 pieces including dinner plates, snack plates, bowls, cups, cup plates and a sprinkler for salt and pepper. 
  • The set comes at a very less price and looks of high quality.
  • No time wasted in cleaning the dishes as it is dishwasher safe.
  • 8 people can sit together and dine with this set on the table.
  • The borders are made of 24K Gold which gives them a royal look.

2. Divitis Home Bone China Dinnerware Set

Divitis Home Bone China Dinnerware Set

The dinnerware set is made up of bone china, which is much finer than Porcelain and ceramic. This material is made by heating the material at very high temperatures lying between 2200 to 2600 Fahrenheit.

This makes the result of the product beautiful by giving it a smooth finish and a spectacular gaze. The fine bone china material used in this product is known for its lightweight as well as its milky color texture.

It gives a luminous transparent texture to the dishes. It is chip-resistant and durable. The items being dishwasher and microwave safe becomes a gorgeous addition to the dining table. 


  • The material of the dinnerware set – Bone China, comes with a beautiful and smooth finish.
  • The dishes are made so that they have a lightweight characteristic as well as a milky white colour texture.
  • Being chip resistant and durable, it is immune to robust wear and tear. 
  • It’s easily usable in practicality for your everyday use.
  • The dinner set can also act as a very good gift option as it comes with a colourful packing box.

3. Mikasa Loria Bone China Dinnerware Set

Mikasa Loria Bone China Dinnerware Set

Mikasa’s beautiful 16 piece dinner set is made of Bone China and includes dinner plates, salad plates, cereal bowls, and mugs.

A beaded design is used to border the white and elegant texture of the dinnerware. The look of the design is simple but classy.

The crisp quality bone china material of the dishes is chip resistant as well as microwave, oven, dishwasher, and freezer safe. The set is so elegant that it can be used casually or else on formal occasions. 


  • It has in total 16 pieces and includes a set of 4 each. 
  • The design and details of the utensils are beautiful and give a very modern look. 
  • The production of the item is such that it can go on without breaking for so many years. 
  • The design of the dishes complement any decor of your house and looks great on the dining table. 
  • Being dishwasher, microwave, oven and freezer safe, the dishes can be easily used to heat or store the food without causing you any trouble.

4. Gibson Elite Bone China Dinnerware Set

Gibson Elite Bone China Dinnerware Set

There are 4 pieces each of dinner plates, dessert plates, dinner bowls, and cereal bowls in the box that comes when you order this product. The dishes being microwave and dishwasher safe are easily usable.

Bone china is such a material that is the strongest out of all the ceramic-made products and that is the reason why this product is durable. It is also light weighted and has translucency and a white-colored texture.

The embossed design along the edges of the dinnerware makes the dishes complement your kitchen and the table. The dinnerware belongs to Gibson and this company has been providing elegant and designer products with hand-painted crafting for your everyday use.


  • The set of the dinnerware has 16 pieces in total and can be used to serve 4 people at a time. 
  • The product is microwave and dishwasher safe.
  • It is made of bone china which makes the dishes durable and lightweight.
  • The design is elegant and embossed on the edges of the dinnerware.
  • The brand of Gibson provides reliable products made of durable material and the customer service offered by the company is also very good.

5. Chulan Floral Bone China Dinnerware

Chulan Floral Bone China Dinnerware

The bone china-made dinnerware set offered by Chulan meets the highest standards of the UK and has approximately 40% bone content in it.

The design of the products includes peach blossoms and some beautiful birds on it that make it traditional looking as well as elegant. The light, when falling on the items, gets filtered through them as jade. The surface is glossy and the dishes are very lightweight.

Being sturdy and chip-resistant, the beauty of the dishes never fades with time. The cleaning of the dishes is very easy as it is dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe.

This set gives a royal aura to your dining table. Chulan is a trusted brand and provides the best customer service and issues in the quality of the product. 


  • The quality of the material is superior and the design is unique and elegant.
  • The look of the dishes is transparent and the weight is very light. 
  • The material is chip-resistant and durable. So the beauty of the product never fades. 
  • The dinner set is so beautiful that you can use it for gift purposes also.
  • The customer service provided by the brand is also trustworthy and reliable.


There is nothing much left to discuss. This article contains the details about the best bone china dinnerware set and will help choose the one that is right for you and adds to the beauty of your kitchen.

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