Best Fine China Dinnerware Sets

The vacations are the time to bring out the nice stuff- we’re talking about exquisite Chinaware. Special events are sometimes the only time that the beautiful china is brought down the cupboards, dusted up, and shown in many homes (no judgment though).

Whether you just use your china dishes three times a year or serve food on them every other day, it is always great to provide some excellent tableware in your home, that is not only beautiful but equally affordable as well.

And besides, you rarely know when you’ll need to dazzle an unannounced visitor! or maybe you might just want to spice up a typical night in!

We’re avoiding the conventional when it comes to our plates today. As much as we adore horse landscapes and toil patterns. Rather, today we’re focusing on modern fine china dinnerware sets (which you’ll be more likely to use frequently).

Straightforward and effortless, minimalist designs, elegant color palettes, and even dishwasher-safe choices are all possibilities.

There’s tableware for every design and taste, created by effortlessly stylish manufacturers like Vera Wang, Kelly Wearstler, and Kate Spade, just to name a few. 

Who doesn’t love beautiful chinaware adding shine to their dinner table? Whether it is to entertain guests or to merely indulge in some self-pampering during a night in, we’ve got you covered.

Continue reading below, to check out our curated suggestions for the eight best modern china sets available currently in the market. Get motivated to throw your own elegant dinner party.

Best Fine China Dinnerware Sets

These are some top-rated fine china dinnerware sets listed on Amazon-

  1. Mikasa Parchment Fine China Dinnerware Set
  2. Stone Lain Modern Fine China Dinnerware
  3. Kota Japan Elegant Fine China Dinnerware
  4. Lenox Venetian Fine China Dinnerware Set
  5. Euro Porcelain Fine China Dining Set

1. Mikasa Parchment Fine China Dinnerware Set

Mikasa fine china’s parchment tableware is clean, cool, and understatedly elegant. It comes with a soft grey border accented with an elaborate scroll design.

Additionally, layers of platinum upper and lower borders provide a touch of class. Due to this, it looks premium on the dining table.

If you’re looking for an adorable dinnerware set of fine china then this would be a great choice. The package contains 42 items that cover all your breakfast and dining needs.


What gives it an edge over other choices, are the-

  • Elegant scroll design.
  • It’s quite durable.
  • Platinum highlighted rim.
  • Manufacture of heavy porcelain.
  • Contains 42 items in the pack.
  • 8-Piece service.
  • Dishwasher friendly.

2. Stone Lain Modern Fine China Dinnerware

A beautiful splash of the Stone Lain Modern Fine China Dinnerware Set. It has a look and feel of a modern art in a downtown setting. Large 10.5 ” round dinner plates, elegant 8.26″ round salad plates, deep 5.98″ round bowls, and rounded 12 oz. mugs are among the items included. These basics for the house are carefully manufactured and artistically designed.

What sets it apart from our other choices

  • This pink Zora dinnerware line has marbling on each matte fine china plate, bowl, and cup for a fun and trendy look.
  • These Zen dishes give your cookware an elegant and equally creative touch, making every day feel like a festival. You’re ready to dine once you’ve paired it with your favorite cutlery and utensils.
  • HIGH-QUALITY FINE CHINA– A smooth surface on natural-looking fine china gives Zora a distinct feel that complements each meal. These meals will make a big impression in your kitchen, as well as in uiur dining table.
  • DISHWASHER-FRIENDLY – the dishes are made with durable, premium-quality, materials. For simple cleaning, each dish may be securely placed in the dishwasher.
  • PERFECT WEDDING REGISTRY GIFT – Each full dinnerware set makes an ideal choice of Gifts for brides and grooms who like entertaining, as well as those who have recently acquired a new rental apartment.
  • STONE LAIN’S BACKGROUND – Stone Lain was founded around a dining table and produces exquisite dinnerware for delectable social occasions. Accentuating the tone, the ambiance, and the table to precision are all important aspects of Stone Lain.

3. Kota Japan Elegant Fine China Dinnerware

Elegant Kota Japan Soup, Salad, Pho, or Pasta Bowl Dinnerware Dish Set 7.5 Inch Textured Porcelain China Ceramic 54 is Chip-resistant and dishwasher-safe. What’s more? It is microwave-safe as well!

Things to look out for in this set-

  • Both practical and attractive. Long-lasting value and high-quality. Ideal for everyday dining as well as gourmet events. Using this Fashionable and Tasteful Tableware Created for People Who Enjoy Dining, you may wow your relatives and friends.
  • Ceramic China, Non-porous Glazed Porcelain. Moisture and oils will never be absorbed. Only Mother Nature’s Natural Substances are used in this dinnerware. There are no plastics, cadmium, or lead in this product.
  • It’s microwave-friendly, and even dishwasher and freezer proof. Kota Japan dinnerware withstands bumps and falls, remaining processor and looking brand new for generations to follow.

4. Lenox Venetian Fine China Dinnerware Set

For unrivaled elegance at the dinner table, the Venetian Lace Collection has a dazzling band of pure platinum along its outer rim. It is a perfect choice. This piece is made of sturdy bone china and is dishwasher safe for added flexibility.

What sets it apart?

  • Dishwasher-friendly.
  • Safe to use in the microwave.
  • Stackable and Chip Resistant.
  • Scratch-resistant without BPA.
  • Lead-Free VIZCON.

5. Euro Porcelain Fine China Dining Set

The Marble Collection has “veining” in a rich 24k gold plate tastefully placed in the fine bone china, giving it a stunning and nature-inspired appearance, available in a range of fascinating colors.

Each of the following items is included in the 3-piece place setting: 10.5″ dinner plate, 8-inch salad plate, and 7-inch cereal bowl. Breakfast, lunch, or supper, this is a stunning outfit. (Due to the gold embellishments, this item cannot be microwaved.) With a global perspective in mind, each set tells a different tale with each component.

  • There are three in each set: Dinner Plates: 10.5″; Salad/Dessert Plates: 8″; Bowls: 7″.
  • Fine Porcelain China Dinner Service for 3 in a Gift Box with Marble Veined Design and 24k Gold Plate Accent.
  • Dishwasher safe use and care It’s designed to be used on a regular basis or for fun.
  • To guarantee damage-free shipment, the packaging has been updated.


It all comes down to your demands and stylistic preferences when it comes to China. This flexible set serves it up for any occasion, being both modest enough even for common usage and stylish enough with a formal party. So let’s bring that party dinner to life.

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