Best White Dinnerware Sets to Buy in 2022

A perfect dinner set is the one that can make a difference when you or you are guests sitting to have a meal. The plates, bowls, spoons, and even the table mat make a lot of impact in front of people.

It not only helps set the mood of the occasion but also provides a very good feeling to you as well as other people. But dinner sets aren’t just made to look beautiful. They must prove worthy of their cost too like Best White Dinnerware.

Porcelain dinner sets are also known as China dinner sets. They are made up of heated fine particles clay heated at very high temperatures which make them extremely durable as well as non-porous.

Such dinnerware sets made of porcelain come with a lot of features including and in various brightly colored designs that go well with your kitchen decor and your rest of the crockery sets.

They are most easily washable and microwave and dishwasher safe.

So here is a list of some best white dinnerware sets made out of porcelain which will make you click on the buy now option immediately.

Best White Dinnerware Set in 2022

Best White Dinnerware

Below you can find the best white dinnerware sets that you’ll surely love. However, a combination of blue and white gives an amazing aesthetic. You can opt for blue and white porcelain dinnerware.

Amazon Basics

This beautiful white dinnerware set is from Amazon Basics so you can make sure that the product is of trusted quality and material. The utensils are not only durable but also lightweight and easy to carry.

Being dishwasher, microwave, oven, and freezer safe, you can use them in any way you want without having to get through any hard work.  


  • The white dinnerware set includes a total of 18 pieces that can serve 6 people together.
  • The product has an elegant finish and the white texture provides a beautiful finish to the dishes.
  • The maximum temperature the dishes can withstand is 572 Fahrenheit. 
  • The set is dishwasher, oven and freezer safe so you can and store the food without worrying about your dishes.
  • As it is made of porcelain, the set is very light to carry and durable.

Mikasa Antique

This beautiful white dinnerware set offered by Mikasa has a unique shape and design. It can serve a total number of 8 people together when they sit to have a meal.

The quality material used in the production of this item is high-quality porcelain which makes the dishes durable.

If you want to make a dining statement that is not just casual but classically stylish, then you ought to buy this product for yourself.


  • The unique design offers a very classy and sleek look.
  • It can serve 8 people together.
  • It is microwave-proof as well as dishwasher safe as the material is made of porcelain.
  • The high-quality porcelain makes the items durable and breakage free.


The storage and stacking are convenient for these utensils because of their wavy shape.

It is resistant to cracking or breaking as it is made up of high-quality porcelain, can be cleaned easily through a dishwasher, and is microwave safe. The dishes are sturdy, lightweight, and eco-friendly.

The best thing about this is that if you receive any broken item then you won’t have to return it. The company offers you a free replacement for the damage. And also you get a 12 month warranty time if there is any defect.


  • The white dinnerware set looks so classy that it can be casually as well as on special occasions too.
  • The design is elegant looking and optimum for practical usage.
  • The porcelain used in this product is of premium quality and is very easy to clean.
  • It is an ideal gift option that can be used by you to give it to someone on a special occasion.
  • It has a warranty period of 12 months and if you receive a damaged product then you can get a refund or replacement without having to return it. 

Pfaltzgraff Filigree

This white dinnerware set is embossed and with a beautiful leafy design on the borders of the crockery. It can be used for a number of purposes, be it for a casual dinner or for a formal dinner.

The material used to make this product is stoneware which makes the product last longer and makes it durable and also the beauty of the dishes do not fade with time.


  • It is microwave and dishwasher safe.
  • The stoneware material used to make these dishes makes them durable and beautiful looking.
  • The 48 dinner piece set can serve a total of 12 people at a meal.
  • The set can be used for all purposes be it your family gathering or a formal gathering. 

Porlien Classic Square

The breakage rate of this product is as low as 3% which means you do not have to worry about your plates falling by mistake. You also get a 30 days warranty with this product.

If there is any breakage, chip, or crack on your product then you can return it easily within 30 days.

The square design makes the set look elegant and modern. It also comes with small cute bowls which you can use to serve a sauce or use for dressing your meal.


  • The square design of the dinnerware set gives it a modern look and makes the food on it looks delicious.
  • This product is also microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe which helps you a lot and saves up your time. 
  • The small dip bowls of square shape that come with this set allow you to serve sauces without having to spread them over the plate.
  • The set can serve a total of 6 people at once. 
  • The 30 days warranty period allows you to return it if you receive a damaged piece.

Mikasa Loria

Mikasa Loria Dinnerware has a simplistic embossed bead design that wraps around each edge of the pristine white bone china dinnerware. This white dinnerware set suits both formal and casual occasions.

This dinnerware set is made up of crisp white bone china which is oven, dishwasher, microwave, freezer safe and also chip-resistant that makes it more durable.


  • The set is made up of crisp white bone china, which is oven, dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe and also chip-resistant
  • The product has simplistic embossed bead design wraps around each edge of the pristine white bone china dinnerware.
  • It can be used for formal and casual occasions.
  • It can serve 4 people together.
  • This set includes dinner plate, salad plate, cereal bowl and mug.


Are white dishes best?

Food always appears best on an all-white platter, according to the experts, because the design is devoid of distractions. Whiteware is the finest choice whether you’re searching for a full set of regular tableware or a few plates for a holiday celebration.

Why is white plates better?

Many chefs use white for framing their culinary masterpieces since practically every color of food looks nice in it. The food’s colors appear to be more brilliant, and it appears to be more inviting. It may be used as a backdrop for any type of cuisine.

Why do we use white dinner plates?

White plates allow your cuisine to take center stage, allowing the beauty of your ingredients to be proudly displayed with the color contrast of your foods to the white plate.

Do white plates make you eat less?

Even the color of your plate has an impact on how much you eat. In another Cornell study, respondents who served themselves 22 percent more food when they used plates with colors that contrasted sharply with the color of their meal (for example, red spaghetti on a white plate). Those with low contrast plates (red pasta on a red dish) took fewer bites.


In this article, we have mentioned some best dinnerware sets made of porcelain and pure white in color. We hope that this article proved helpful to you and got you what you have been searching for.

Did you enjoy the article? If so, feel free to share your thoughts down below in the comment section and share it with your friends, family and in social media if possible. Thank you for your time and patience!

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