Ceramic Vs Porcelain Cookware- Buyer’s Guide

There are a lot of cookware available in the market and ceramic materials are a popular people’s choice. Because of its properties and features like lightweight, design, and quality.

With this in mind, many of us may have the question – If Ceramic Vs Porcelain Cookware are the same? 

A lot of us have a common misconception of thinking that they are the same. But they are not. This article tells you the difference between these two materials by making a comparison between them.

Ceramic and Porcelain Cookware have many properties similar, but also have some differences. When it comes to buying, you may get a little confused about whether to buy ceramic cookware or porcelain cookware.

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Ceramic Vs Porcelain Cookware– Major Differences

This article makes it easy by listing out the comparison between them. Now, let us have a look at them.

Porcelain Cookware

Ceramic Vs Porcelain Cookware

Porcelain is made up of Kaolin, which is also called white clay. Enamel Porcelain Cookware is usually made up of melting the Porcelain cookware with a mixture of metal like Aluminium, Cast Iron.

Porcelain Cookware Set has pots and pans, they are coated with glassware and bonded with the Metals like the aluminum inside of it. It may also be coated with Teflon-like material.

This Porcelain Cookware comes in various Colors. They are non-porous, hard, and temperature resistant. so, This cookware is expensive compared to Other cookware available in the market. 


These are the advantages of porcelain cookwares-

  • Safe to cook

Iron and Cast Iron cookwares are not good to cook acidic foods. Because there might be the sticking of food to the cookware. The porcelain cookware is good for cooking acidic foods like vinegar, egg yolks. here there is no such Sticking of food and it is safe to use.

  • Non-stick Surface for cooking

The second good thing about porcelain cookware, that the food doesn’t stick to the cookware. Make your cooking easier and smooth. For this, It needs one spoon of oil. So, Do it and enjoy Smooth Cooking.

  • Versatility

This porcelain cookware allows you to cook various types of dishes at the same time. Porcelain cookware can go in the oven. Enamel Porcelain is even better. Compared to this, They can even go on the stovetop. You can also use it for serving dishes and refrigerator storage

  • Easy to clean

After cooking, cleaning utensils is a tough job, we understand. But here it is not like that. While cooking in the Porcelain cookware, none of the food sticks to the cookware, So cleaning is a piece of cake. For cleaning, all you will need is only a little sponge to wipe it. Don’t use any plastic or harder substance to wipe. It may cause damage.

  • Durable

The porcelain enamel-coated cookware is durable and lasts for a long time which in turn makes it an excellent choice for consumers who like good, sturdy, and durable cookware.  


These are the disadvantages of porcelain cookwares-

  • Not suitable for High-Heat.

Usually, When the porcelain dish withstands the heat from low-medium. But in high-heat temperatures, there are also chances to get a break or crack.

  • Breakable

Over time, The porcelain cookware is prone to breakage and chipping. So, you should handle it with care. Don’t place your hot porcelain in water, it causes damage or breakage to the coating.

  • Expensive

The porcelain cookware is highly expensive compared to other cookware. So, you need to spend a high amount of money to get it.

Ceramic Cookware

Ceramic Cookware

Ceramic Cookware is the safest option and good for home use. Ceramic Cookware is scratch and heat-resistant, so it is good for the home and it does not contain any lead-type toxic material, so it is the safest and fastest option for cooking.


These are some of the advantages of ceramic cookware (stonewares)-

  • Design

Ceramic cookware is quite the head-turner when it comes to design and attractiveness. Ceramic Cookware comes in various attractive colors which in turn gives an elegant feel to the kitchen – this is what is responsible for its ever-growing popularity with the masses. 

  • Non-stick coating

Here the Non-stick coating is not made up of any  Teflon or lead. It is very Natural. This allows you to cook all acidic foods and makes you enjoy them to the fullest. However, you can opt for nonstick copper cookware also.

  • Don’t require seasoning

Like the Copper and Cast Iron uncoated cookware, Seasoning is not required for Ceramic Cookware. So, It makes your Cooking and Cleaning much easier and simpler


Here are the disadvantages of ceramic cookwares-

  • Not able to withstand high heat temperature.

Ceramic cookware is not advisable to be used for cooking in high heat temperatures. Because this will cause damage or breakage to the non-stick coating.

  • Not scratch-resistant.

The ceramic cookware is coated with Thermolon. Which can be easily scratchable. So it is not good for any other kind of utensils with this dish.

  • Doesn’t last for a long time

Over time, ceramic cookware loses its non-stick coating in a few months. So, it doesn’t last for a long time. Another factor that affects ceramic cookware’s durability is the brand, so while choosing Ceramic cookware watch out for the brand that you buy. 

Difference Between Porcelain and Ceramic Cookware

Are both porcelain and Ceramic Cookware the Same? Definitely not. Here are the differences between them.

  1. Construction 

The Construction process of both cookware is entirely different. Where the clays in Porcelain Cookware are heated at high heat temperature. That gives the glass-like look and makes the porcelain cookware less porous or non-porous. On the Other hand, Ceramic Cookware is heated only at low temperature and makes the Ceramic Cookware porous.

  1. Cooking Performance

For Baking or Roasting, Ceramic Cookware is good and it is safe to cook acidic ingredients. Among all other cookware, Porcelain Cookware is loved by chefs because of its even heat transfer property. This can be placed in a Microwave oven and also on the stovetop.

  1. Cost

Ceramic Cookware will be more affordable and costs less than Porcelain.  You can buy the attractively colored Ceramic Cookware if you are a little tight on budget. Porcelain cookware is very expensive to buy even when it has an attractive finish. Not only colored ones, but porcelain Cookwares are also very expensive.

Final Words

In the end, we think you’ve come across all the information about Ceramic and Porcelain. If you are still confused about which one to buy we would like to postulate that both are best in their own individual ways. It completely depends on your needs.

We recommend ceramic cookware for house cooking. It only makes sense since they are more affordable and suits homely needs. For commercial purposes, you can go ahead with Porcelain Cookware.

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