How To Test Ice Maker Water Inlet Valves?

During hot sunny days, drinking chilled beer or iced tea can make your day and keep you calm. But what if your ice maker isn’t working properly and doesn’t give you quality ice for your drink?

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Countertop ice makers are always the best option and cheap too. Many ice maker cost approx $200 to $250. I found a blog post which has listed best ice maker for home and office use. Countertop ice makers are more power efficient and it makes better quality ice for drinks.

But, you can fix the clogged ice maker inlet valve yourself. It’s easy and I’m writing step by step guide.

Sometimes you immediately call the technician without knowing that there will be a little trouble.

What If I say you can test your ice maker and correct the small issues on your own? Isn’t it great?

Yes, if your water inlet valve is not supplying water properly, then chances are there you didn’t get consistent ice.

Moreover, sometimes the water inlet valve may get blocked, so it is not dispensing water into the ice maker properly. You can clean your ice maker to function it properly. You should also check the water filter and verify if it’s clogged or not.

If that is the problem, you can determine by following a few steps and correcting the water inlet valve to get consistent ice. Let’s take a deep dive and read the post.

What is an Ice Maker Water Inlet Valve?

Ice Maker water inlet valve Repair by Technician

The water inlet valve is the electrical-mechanical valve connected to the water supply and icemaker refrigerator dispenser. Generally, the valve is located beneath the ice maker at the lower end.

What Are the Reasons Why Your Icemaker is Not Functional?

There are so many reasons why your ice maker is not working properly. A few of the reasons are as follows:

  • The water inlet valve gets clogged with dirt and debris.
  • The water inlet valve gets break due to the deposition of the rust.
  • The water filter is not filled with dirt and debris.
  • Low flow of water from the water inline valve.

If you find any of these issues in your ice maker, then you can test the water inlet valve and locate it to fix the issues.

Where Can You Find the Water Inlet Valve in Icemaker?

To locate the water inlet valve in the icemaker, first of all, unplug the ice maker and shut off the water supply from the ice maker.

Remove the remaining ice from the bin and clean all the debris. Now, locate the valve if it is working or clogged. If you observe any clogging, then simply clean it with water pressure.

The water inlet valve can be easily located at the bottom of the icemaker. If the water inlet is broken, you can take technician help to replace it with a new one.

Which Tools did You require to Test and Open the Water Inlet Valve of the Icemaker?

The water inlet valve cannot be open without any tools. It would help if you have some tools to open it, which are as follows:

  • The Pliers– This help to pull the water inlet valve out of the icemaker.
  • Multi-meter– To locates the valve and opens the parts.
  • Rag– optional.
  • Bucket– optional.

How To Test the Water Inlet Valve to Fix the Issues?

It is essential to fix the issue of the water inlet valve to get a consistent ice flow. But first, you have to test the water inlet valve to ensure that it has an issue.

If you don’t feel that you have the skills to do it on your own, you can take the technician’s help to complete the testing process.

Here is the way you can fix the issue on your own:

Step #1: Locate Water Inlet Valve

The first step you need to follow is to locate the water inlet valve in the ice maker. In most of the icemaker models, this is present behind the icemaker, and in some models, it is present beneath the ice maker. The prime thing you need to do is turn off the ice maker, turn off the water supply, and remove it from the valve.

Step #2: Remove the Lower Access Panel

If it is present under the ice maker, then gently invert the icemaker and pull the wall outside. Before you start, place a carpet beneath the ice maker to avoid spilling and other damage. Remove the lower access panel with the help of the screwdriver and open the valve. 

Step #3: Remove the Water Inlet Valve

Now place the container to avoid the water spillage under the water inlet valve. When you open the water valve, water may remain in the inlet valve, which may get spilled. Remove all the water inlet valve fill tubing. 

Now, lose the flare nut present on the brass, which is located on the inlet side of the inlet water valve. You can take the help of the wrench to open the flare nut.

Step #4: Remove Water Filling Tube

The water inlet valve may be present between the icemaker with the metal bracket. To open it, you can use the nut driver or the screwdriver to remove all the screws that hold the inlet valve bracket tightly to the ice maker. Now, gently pull out the water inlet valve from the cabinet and remove the water filling tube from the water outlet port.

You can see the two wires that connect to the water inlet valve terminal. If your ice maker is the double solenoid inlet water valve, then you may see the four wires.

Label the wires so that you can easily reconnect to the inlet water valve. Now, carefully hold the metal connector to remove all the wires. You need to use the pliers and a pair of needle-nose pliers. Make sure they don’t pull the wire themselves. 

Step #5: Test the Resistance

Now you can set the multi-tester with the R X 1 ohms, which is used to set the test for checking the continuity. Once it is done, place all the leads of the multi-tester on the terminal.

The multi-tester must display a reading of 200-500 ohms. Now closely examine the water inlet valve to see if the exact ohm resistance rating test must mark on the valve.

Step #6: Remove the Debris

If your test is not showing accurate results, then make sure to replace the component. If your coil conduct test shows interruption, then the water inlet valve may be clogged. You can wash the water inlet to remove the debris and clean it.

Final Words

The water inlet valve is an essential part of the ice maker as it helps maintain the water flow. Sometimes it may get damaged, and the supply line is interrupted.

Thus, you can check the water inlet by following the above steps. However, if you cannot perform the task on your own, then take the help of the technician to fix the issue.

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