How to Pack Dinnerware for Moving

Moving? Ugh! That is one hectic job to do. More so it takes up so much time and energy. You must be all burnt up and exhausted. That means you need some help.

Don’t you?

Yes, you do. We know it. So let us help you with packing your culinary and dinner sets. Here we will tell you all about how to pack dinnerware for moving. 

Don’t worry, we got you. When you are moving, you need to make sure all your stuff is safe and reaches your new destination in one piece. You don’t want to spend more money on replacing broken things, do you?

We wouldn’t want that too. So let us show you a simple way to keep your precious dishes and dinnerware safe with you. Let us have a look at the packing supplies you need and the procedure on how to pack dinnerware for moving.

Packing Supplies

Here’s a small checklist of packing supplies you need.

  • Cardboard boxes.
  • Wrapping paper.
  • Bubble wrap.
  • Marker and labels.
  • Packing tape.

Now let us look at the detailed preparation for packing dinnerware for moving each item.

Preparation for Packing Culinary

Pack dinnerware for moving

You need to be safe while packing your fragile dinner sets. So let us show you the correct method to pack each item properly.

Plates and Bowls

As plates and bowls make up a great portion of the kitchen items, they are the easiest to pack. Stack a set of four or maybe only three plates and wrap them with packing paper.

Depending upon your convenience, they can be packed individually or in bundles. But we recommend you pack in stacks of four because single plates and bowls wrapped with paper individually will take more space. 

As they are heavy items, they need to go first into the moving boxes. Further, wrapping bone china dinnerware will need extra effort and attention so that they don’t break before moving.

Cups, mugs, and glasses

If you want to protect your precious old glasses and cups, start by filling them with packing paper. A lot of paper is used up in wrapping them. Stemmed glasses will be a tricky packing item, but don’t worry, we are here to help.

For the stemmed glasses, make small balls of packing paper and stuff them in. These are the most fragile items to be dealt with; handle them with care.

Pans and Pots

Be particularly safe with them as they might get dented or be designed by scratches. And let us tell you that it does not look good at all. So pack them with a lot of paper. Put the pan or pot on the sheet of paper and fold the paper in from the corner. Wrap it up properly and you are good to go.

How To Pack Dinnerware For Moving

  1. Firstly take out the moving boxes. You can use old boxes but make sure they are sturdy so they don’t break from the weight of the dishes.
  1. Next, you need to wrap each item, packed in packing paper, in bubble wrap. This will ensure double safety for your dishes if you are going to travel on a rough path.
  1. Keep in mind to first tape the bottom of the box before putting the items in. It will make the box more steady and will keep items safe.
  1. Use newspaper or packing paper in lining the bottoms and the sides of the boxes. This will keep your items safe from dangling inside the box and getting cracked or broken from the walls of the box. Instead of paper, you can also use bubble wrap.
  1. Now, to pack each item, put the dish in the center of a sheet of packing paper, fold it in from the corner. Keep folding the paper until it is completely covered. Now, safely put a piece of packing tape on the ends of the packing.
  1. Ensure that you do not pack the dishes flat. It may break them in case the box experiences any force.
  1. Pack plates and bowls first and see that they get packed in the bottom of the boxes safely.
  1. Always vertically pack the items to ensure that they don’t break due to the weight of each other.
  1. If there is some space left in the box and no other item can be kept, then fill the space with small balls of packing paper. This will not allow the items to make contact with each other and crack.
  1. It is not recommended to use newspaper for packing as it may leave marks of ink on the dishes which will ruin the item.
  1.  A dish pack box is not necessary but is more effective and stronger than the normal cardboard box. You can use it but it is a bit expensive.
  1. Use a generous amount of Packing tape in wrapping the boxes after they’ve been packed up. It will make sure the flap does not fly open when moving.
  1. Do crumple the paper to make the small balls to use. Do not just fold them. Crumpling will ensure more protection to the dishes.
  1.  Go for the heaviest items at the beginning. It will keep all things safe and sturdy.
  1. Now as you lined the box with crumpled balls of packing paper at the bottom, do that again at the top after filling the box with the required items.
  1. Do not pack many items in one box. Keep it light for the journey or it may not be easy.
  1. Ensure that you have enough cushion for the dishes so that you get to use them at the new place too.
  1. Lastly, make sure you label the boxes ‘Fragile’ and ‘Vertically Up’ from the correct side view. 

Now that you know all about how to pack dinnerware for moving, get up and start packing. Follow these points and you will get all your dishes in one piece without anything breaking in the move. Happy moving!

Bonus Tip

Bubble wrap can be used as an alternative to packing paper. But bubble wrap is a bit expensive and less Eco-friendly, so we recommend you to use packing paper.

Other alternatives of packing paper include pillowcases, sock bundles, sheets, towels, foam disposable plates or bowls, or maybe even soft old t-shirts.

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