Is It Safe To Microwave Gold Dinnerware?

We see different types of Dinnerware Sets daily and one of them is Gold Dinnerware. Everyone wishes not to waste their time in cleaning or cooking because they want Dishwashers/Microwaves to handle it. But sometimes you have to be cautious using those machines considering the dinnerware product you are using like Gold Dinnerware.

Is it safe to Microwave Gold Dinnerware is the question you might be asking and stumbled here to know the answer. Well rest easy, we will give you your answer but before that let us go through a little bit about Gold Dinnerware.

Microwave Gold Dinnerware

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What is Gold Dinnerware? 

Gold-trimmed tableware is popular among many individuals. It’s a popular style among china collectors and everyday eaters alike, whether it’s an antique china set dipped in gold or a more contemporary set with scalloped or painted gold borders.

Many contemporary appliances, like microwaves and dishwashers, were neither created or generally accessible when the aesthetic was adopted. Unlike many of today’s cups, bowls, and plates, the style wasn’t necessarily designed to withstand the heat, pressure, or power that these appliances may produce. As a result, many individuals are unsure what they may and cannot do with their gold-trimmed crockery.

Gold Dinnerware Set

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Can We Microwave Gold Dinnerware?

Microwaving gold dinnerware is generally not recommended. Gold is a metal, and when it comes into contact with the heat and waves in a microwave, it can start to emit small sparks. These sparks then bounce from place to place within the trim, becoming out of control and resulting in greater sparks and smoke. Arcing is the term called for this process. This may happen with very little metal, and it can also happen when you microwave products like metal twist ties and recycled paper towels (which may include microscopic particles of metal).

Furthermore, some gold-trimmed porcelain may already be breaking down due to its age. The extra heat and waves from a microwave may hasten the deterioration of dinnerware that you’d prefer to maintain as pristine as possible.

The rule does include a few exceptions. Some stores have created gold-rimmed dinnerware that have been constructed in a certain way, generally by applying a protective coating that makes them microwave safe. Because they’re uncommon, retailers usually make this clear, whether in the product’s web description or the care manual you get when you buy it.

Can we microwave gold dinnerware?

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Pros and Cons of Gold Coated Dinnerware


  • Gold-plated objects provide the look and feel of real gold. They’re a great budget-friendly option to pure gold or gold-filled jewelry.
  • Versatile: Gold-plated goods work well with a variety of styles and are both trendy and affordable.
  • Hardy: Compared to pure gold, which is fragile and readily bent, gold-plated jewelry holds up well to misuse.


  • Base materials such as silver, copper, and tin are used to make gold-plated goods. These core metals are tough and don’t bend easily, but they tarnish with time and show through the thin covering of gold. On the plus side, you may have your item re-plated to bring it back to life.
  • The thin gold coating is easily scratched. Even the tiniest abrasion can start the tarnishing process, and your once-gleaming jewelry will begin to lose its luster in what began as a minor scratch.
  • Plated dinnerware has little to no economic worth when compared to solid gold and gold-filled products. This is because the gold traces on these dinnerware kinds are so little that they are mainly used for decoration.


How long does the gold dinnerware last?

Gold plated products can survive for around two years before the plating starts to corrode and fade away. However, depending on whether or not you choose to properly manage your collection, the time frame might be considerably shorter or much longer.

How do you clean gold dinnerware?

Hand-wash gold flatware in hot, soapy water. Rinse with clear hot water and pat dry with a towel to avoid wet marks. Avoid soaking gold-plated flatware overnight, and avoid allowing food to dry on the surface since acidic foods may damage the finish.

How do you keep gold dinnerware from wearing off?

Keep gold plated items in a plastic bag while not in use — Place your gold plated product in a plastic bag, squeeze out any extra air, and seal it. The lack of air in the bag will assist to keep the gold plated flatware looking new. To minimize scratching, simply put one item per plastic bag.

Is gold dinnerware waterproof?

If you’re wondering whether or not you can keep gold dinnerware in water, the answer is no. Submerging it in water for lengthy periods of time can entirely remove the gold covering.


In conclusion, cookware, plates, and dinnerwares with gold, platinum, or silver trim are not microwaveable unless they are expressly designed and made for that purpose. If you’re not sure, it’s best to leave these products out of the microwave.

It’s possible that the gold trim will be destroyed if it’s metallic. It may destroy the microwave if it is large enough. If you attempt it and notice sparks, turn off the microwave immediately. Do not microwave the dinnerware ever again. Also, if the dish is still hot, do not use it again.

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